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stunning glass fused jewelry

Fused Glass Jewelry


Here at Wedge Fused Glass Jewelry, artist JoAnn Wedge proudly creates custom designed beaded and fused glass jewelry that represents a unique sense of beauty and artistry. Each piece goes through a unique hand-made process by means of scoring glass and arranging them into singular designs that are fired under heat to create riveting jewelry designs. From bracelets and necklaces to alcohol-ink pendants and earring sets, there's no limit to the items JoAnn can create. Each piece is a guaranteed high quality product. Repair and replacements are available for any damaged items. Please consult with JoAnn prior to shipping for repair. Please take a moment to explore her unique range of fused jewelry items below. For more details on ordering or pricing, call her today at (813) 760-3542.

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Jewelry For Special Occasions

As depicted in the photos above, JoAnn creates a riveting line of fused glass pendants and necklaces in an eclectic mix of designs and colors you can assemble beautifully in your collection. Ideal for those special occasions, we can promise you'll be amazed with these stunning pendants and necklaces.

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Jewelry For Everyday

Nothing complements your style quite like original jewelry pieces. Let JoAnn hand-make your very own set of glass fused earrings and bracelets you're sure to love. As featured above, she can incorporate intricate fused glass designs along with delicate beading work.

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Jewelry For Any Occasion

Beyond her extraordinary fused glass jewelry sets as seen with the aqua blue earring and pendant set above, JoAnn's artistry is not limited to the traditional categories. She can also create singular holiday themed items like fused glass ornaments that will highlight any Christmas tree beautifully!

JoAnn's creativity is truly without abandon and that is evident in the unique creations she can accomplish through her beading and fused glasswork.

stunning custom jewelry sets

Your Vision Brought To Life


Do you want to add something truly unique to your collection? A signature piece that's all your own? Then let jewelry designer JoAnn Wedge offer her services to you. Selling jewelry for individuals, retailers and wholesalers, JoAnn can work with you one-on-one to discover an authentic jewelry design for bracelets, sets, and even earrings! You just tell her your vision and she'll bring it to life. Best of all? If you want to learn the unique art of glass fusing JoAnn can teach you with her classes!

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