Three stunning pendants

Creative Jewelry


Wedge Fused Glass Jewelry was founded by artist, JoAnn Wedge who's had a life-long passion for unique jewelry. Through the years she transitioned her craft into a business, mastering her artistry of fused glass jewelry and beading to create truly unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that clients can call their own. Her designs include a range of custom necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and even holiday ornaments.

Each jewelry piece is hand-crafted with a riveting blend of fused glass colors and beading details to render a completely original artwork. The fusing process produces both abstract works along with more realistic renderings depicting shapes, icons and even personalized photos. JoAnn sells her jewelry to wholesalers and retailers alike and offers classes! For more details on orders and pricing, call her today at (813) 760-3542.

All pieces are for sale, but some may not be in stock due to the one-of-a-kind nature of every item.

Original & Custom

Part of the unique appeal of JoAnn's jewelry is that every piece is completely original. She hand-crafts every jewelry item for a stunning one-of-a-kind treasure you can cherish. Additionally, JoAnn takes custom commissions. You can give her guidelines on a piece you want and she'll bring it to life for you!

The Payment/ Purchase Process

Contact me, let me know what you want. I will invoice you through PayPal, you reply with a payment and shipping info. It is on it way or custom orders are in the process. Simple. Thanks.

Wholesale & Retail

At Wedge Fused Glass Jewelry, JoAnn offers her jewelry items for retailers, wholesalers and individual buyers seeking to add unique pieces to their collection. If you're interested in a commissioned piece of your very own or in wholesale pricing, contact her today at (813) 760-3542.

Jewelry Classes

Part of the basis of JoAnn's craft began with her love of learning and trying something new. That's why she offers classes to people of all ages and artistic backgrounds to learn the beautiful art of glass fusing and bead work. In JoAnn's classes you will not only learn how to make extraordinary pieces but have fun while you're at it!

Classes can be for a small group or up to 10 people, take about and hour and a half. I supply all materials and I cut all glass needed for your design coaching you through the process. I take them back to the studio, fired them, add your name to the back and glue on a bail. Then I return them to you or the shop you were at for the class.

Three stunning pendants

The Process


Fused glass is an ancient practice with roots dating back to the early Egyptian civilizations. In modern day, many have utilized fusing glass as an artistic form of expression to create intricate pieces; particularly jewelry. This innovative technique involves heating glass to high temperatures to "fuse" it into extraordinary designs.

Achieving desired designs starts by laying your glass down on a flat, even surface and then scoring the it with a tool to create the look you want. Next, you break the glass in accordance to your desired shape and layer the pieces. This can be done with a blend of glass colors for a riveting contrasting effect.

Finally, your glass creation is fired in a kiln which is where the fusing process occurs. Once your piece has cooled, you are left with a stunning, original piece of art in jewelry form.

Jewelry Selection

Jewelry Collections

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